The Sims Wiki Chat is a real-time chat where users are able to chat in an open environment, very similarly to IRC.

Access Chat

To access Chat, click the "Join the Chat" button below.

Live! Chat

Alternatively you can access from anywhere on the wiki you can see this widget or by typing Special:Chat into the search bar/URL bar.


There is an official ruleset for Chat which can be viewed here. Failure to follow the policy may result in a warning, kick or a ban from chat.

In short, use your common sense and treat others how you wish to be treated. Then everyone will get along nicely and drama/conflict is kept to a minimum. If you happen to witness something you shouldn't then tell a chat moderator (listed with a star next to their name) via a private message.

Chat moderators

Users in Chat with a star next to their name are known as chat moderators. By default, this includes administrators although some other users who have either asked a member of the administration team to be promoted or were approached by an admin and promoted may also appear as Chat moderators. These users are able to kick and ban users who may be engaging in disruptive behavior.

You can find out more about chat moderators here while requesting these rights here.

List of chat moderators

In addition to administrators, these users also have chat moderator rights on The Sims Wiki:

Chat quotes

Similar to a page we have for the IRC channel, you can see how much fun we have in Chat by taking a look at the Chat quotes.

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